Sydney Turns up the Heat

In record-breaking temperatures and with a raft of cancelled races as a result, SRC took to the water at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith for the NSW State Championships last weekend. RNSW implementing revised start times to 7 am daily, in an effort to conduct races in “cooler” temperatures.

Notwithstanding the steamy conditions, our athletes brought home a haul of 8 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals. Harriet Hudson picked up the first Gold for the weekend with a narrow win in the U231X. The Elite Men’s 2- provided a light blue podium finish with Spencer Turrin teaming up with Alex Hill to take gold and Gus Moore and Josh Hicks the bronze. Romy Davenport had a very tidy win in the U21L 1x with daylight between her scull and the 2nd placegetter.

Our U19W 4+, in a Leichhardt composite easily won their final against a field of schoolgirl crews. Similarly, the CME4+ flew down the course, beating the field by close to 20 seconds.

Our first gold for day three of the championship went to Georgia Bradley in the Championship Schoolgirl 1X, while Georgia was competing for Sydney Girls High, we’ll still count the win as ours. Georgia also added bronze to her bow in the CWU19 1X.

Our Champion Elite Men’s 8+ ensured that the QL Deloitte Trophy remained at its rightful home, winning the race by nearly 7 seconds from Sydney University and Melbourne Club Mercantile.

SRC’s Medal Tally




ASM1X Erik Horrie

CWU231X Harriet Hudson– Coaches Don Cech, Lachlan Carter.

CME2– Spencer Turrin, Alex Hill (Adel)


U21LW1X Romy Davenport – Coach Lachlan Carter


CWU194+ Lauren Graham (SRC), Lauren Lyon (LEICH), Ella Hudson (SRC), Georgia Bradley (SRC), Cox: George Davis (SRC), Coaches: Lachlan Carter (SRC), Harold Kratz, David Cameron


CM4-Angus Moore (SRC), Alex Purnell (SUBC), Jack Hargreaves (SUBC), Alexander Hill (ADEL)


CM4+ – Edward White, Alexander Lloyd, Christopher Morgan, Nathan Bowden, Cox: Pippy Wiseman, Coach: Donovan Cech


CME8+ – Edward White, Charlie Patterson, Christopher Morgan, Alexander Lloyd, Spencer Turrin, Nathan Bowden, Angus Moore, Joshua Hicks, Cox: Kendall Brodie, Coach: Donovan Cech


CMU21 1X Thomas Barnes – Coach Donovan Cech.


CWE4- Leah Saunders (SRC), Ellen Pozzi (UQBC), Jess Morrison (MERC), Lucy Stephan (MUBC)


CM4- Darcy Wruck (COMM), Angus Widdicombe (MERC), Spencer Turrin (SRC), Joshua Hicks (SRC)


CMU21L 2X – Sebastian Myles, Wyatt Batt, Coach: James Stride

CWU191X Georgia Bradley –   Coach: Lachlan Carter


CME2- Angus Moore, Josh Hicks


CMEL 4- Sebastian Myles, Wyatt Batt, Christopher McCarthy, Ryan Baskerville, Coaches: Lachlan Carter, James Stride, Jason Baker


CMU23 2- Thomas Barnes, Charlie Patterson, Coach: Donovan Cech


CWU19 4X – Ella Hudson (SRC), Crystal Piper (LWRCL), Lauren Lyon (LEICH), Georgia Bradley (SRC), Coaches: Lachlan Carter, David Cameron, Harold Kratz.


CWE 4X –  Emily Partridge, Susannah Dear, Harriet Hudson, Leah Saunders, Coaches: Lachlan Carter, Donovan Cech

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