Santa Comes to Town for Reindeer Regatta

Festive spirits may have been in the air, but the idyllic Christmas experience was far removed in the heady heat at the 2015 Reindeer Regatta. SIRC came alive with lively Christmas costumes and North Pole paraphernalia. The competition was never in question, there of course, and no-one let the festival fanfare alter their game. This was typified in the debut event of the regatta as Leah Saunders won the under 23 Lightweight Women’s Scull in classic form. She was followed shortly after by second and third placings of fellow under 23 troubadours in the lightweight coxless pair featuring Messrs Boakes, Haskard, Courts and Wells. The under16 men’s scull procured some noteworthy results as well with Timothy ‘Tuner’ Trent coming first over St. George’s alliteration alumnus Konrad Kluck.


Two divisions, two Master’s Doubles, two shiny medals; the gentrified gentleman of SRC proved their worth by taking home both titles. Georgia Bradley came a resounding third in the under 21 women’s scull, as did the aforementioned under 23 pair rowers who snagged a cheeky W in the A/B Men’s Coxless fours. This four-man ferocity produced a second placing in the Men’s under 16 coxed quad, where novice rower Lucas ‘Good-Song’ Chabo employed his skills and earned some well-deserved stripes. Maxwell Duignan and Maximilian ‘Cheer’ Brenner both topped UTS for first place in the under 21 men’s Scull. Two consecutive firsts ensued as the afternoon matured: Charlotte ‘Expectation’ Trent (women’s under 16 scull) and athletes West, Lloyd Jones, Greenslade and Brighton (master’s coxless four).


Fiona Martin, Kaye Smythe, Deb Church and Dorothy De George made a classy come-from-behind win in the women’s master’s quad scull which show cased their many years of experience behind a sculling blade.


The afternoon was graced by possibly the most decked out coxed quad at the entire regatta. Spectators applauded as a coxswain dressed as St. Nicholas drifted by encased in a mock-up sleigh around his seat. The big man was accompanied by an entourage of antler-toting rowers with neon blue streamers attached to their riggers. The spectacle helped enliven a taxing day of races and reminded everyone of the Christmas carousal that exemplified this auspicious regatta. Gavin Parcsi honoured his female counterpart’s success by besting the Lightweight Men’s Scull. Lucas ‘Dettol’ Giles and Max Brenner blazed to glory in the under 21 double scull alongside a fellow Sydney crew in the next division. A successful and festive day was had at that most prestigious of race courses in this most auspicious regatta, commemorating the season break for the holiday of the year.


Story by: John Bivell