Reindeer Regatta 2021

Reindeer regatta marked the start of the competitive season for Sydney Rowing
Club and a return to normality following the challenges faced in recent months. The
club had a comprehensive entry in the Reindeer Regatta and boasted impressive
results across all programs.
Some of the highlights of the weekend included Alex Nichol’s commanding win in
the Open men’s single. Alex’s classy performance deprived spectators of any
dramatics as he cruised to a comfortable lead in the middle stages of the race,
paddling home to finish 12 seconds up on his closest rival.
Liesel Page & Talisa Knoke-Driver took victory in a similar fashion in the women’s
under 19 double. Fighting it out in the early stages of the race with Kinross
Wolaroi’s entry of Isabella Scammell & Freya Neville (both SRC members). Liesel and
Talisa showed consistent pace through the most challenging stages of the race and
finished 12 seconds clear of the Kinross/SRC double.
The men’s open eight showed promise in the first half of the race, powering out to
an early lead. However, the SUBC entry showed their form in the later stages of the
race and claimed victory by a margin of 2 seconds. The Kings eight showed they’re
on track to repeat their success from last season’s Head of the River with a sprint
home to claim third place.
The Women’s open eight did what the men couldn’t and cruised home to an easy
win. Pulling 35 seconds clear of their nearest rival over the course of the race.
The weekend’s racing provided the whole club with a sense of excitement for the
coming season. We now regroup in preparation for the final NSWIS time trial of the
season and our long awaited December camp in Jindabyne.
Summary of results
Para M1x – Erik Horrie – 1st
Under16 M1x – Callum Dunn – 1st
Under16 M1x – Conor Greenwood – 1st
Under16 W2x – Sofia Zamprogno / Neve Tierney – 1st
Under19 W2x – Liesel Page / Talisa Knoke-Driver – 1st
Under19 W2x – Ela Huber / Zara Greenwood – 7th
Under19 M1x – Finn Woodward – 2nd
Under16 W1x – Sofia Zamprogno – 1st
Under16 W1x – Grace Bennett – 1st
Under16 W1x – Neve Tierney – 1st
Under17 M2x – Callum Dunn / Conor Greenwood – 3rd
Under19 W1x – Ela Huber – 2nd
Under19 W1x – Zara Greenwood – 4th
Under19 W1x – Talisa knoke-Driver – 1st
Under19 W1x – Laura Sypher – 2nd
Under21 W1x – Caitlin McManus Barrett – 2nd
Under21 W1x – Evie Thomson – 5th
Under21 W1x – Niamh Graham – 3rd
Under17 W1x – Alice Bennett – 4th
Under17 W1x – Liesel Page – 1st
Under16 M2x – Callum Dunn / Conor Greenwood – 1st
Under17 M1x – Finn Woodward – 1st
Open M8+ Hoffmann / Pearce / Delaney / Downey / Nicholls / Furrer / Glendinning / Crowe
/ Harris – 2nd
Open W8+ Sypher / Dunlop / Page / Graham / Knoke-Driver / Gavan / McManus-Barrett /
Thomson / Cowap – 1st
U23 M2- – Declan Glendinning / Henry Furrer – 1st
Open M1x – Alex Nichol – 1st
Open M4- – Pearce / Nicholls / Hoffmann / Crowe – !st
Open M4- – Appelcryn / Delaney / Glendinning / Furrer – 2nd
Open M2x – Torun Olsson / Harry Crouch – 1st
Open M2x – Nour Youndis / Tom Boidin – 4th
Lwt W1x – Grace Sypher – 1st
Lwt W1x – Nadine Johnston Araujo – 4th
U23 W1x – Lauren Graham – 2nd
U23 W2- – Evie Thomson / Caitlin McManus Barrett – 1st
Master M8+ – Composite incl. Ken Ambler – 1st
Open M4x – Crowe / Nichol / Olsson / Crouch – 1st
U23 W2x – Lauren Graham / Grace Sypher – 1st
Mixed 4x – Thomson / Dunlop / Furrer / Hoffmann – 1st

Alex Nichol – Open Men’s Single
Henry Furrer and Declan Glendinning U23 – M2
Women’s Open Eight
Talisa Knoke-Driver and Liesel Page – Women’s U19 Double