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Kendall Brodie

Kendall Brodie is a member of the board of directors and is Vice Captain at Sydney Rowing Club.


When did you start rowing? What club / school?
I started rowing in 2004 at PLC Sydney where I joined the ‘learn to row’ program and found coxing to be a natural fit. I really enjoyed the rowing program at school and coxed my way up to the first VIII.

Kendall Brodie
Kendall Brodie

When did you come to SRC? Why did you come to SRC?
After finishing high school at the end of 2009, I joined Sydney Rowing Club. I had made a great group of friends through rowing who were all heading to SRC so, naturally I wanted to go too!

What’s the best thing about rowing with / at SRC?

It’s the people and community that makes the club what it is and I genuinely enjoy being a part of it. It’s also pretty thrilling to be coxing and racing with some of the country’s top athletes!


What are some of your rowing highlights so far?
I’m fortunate to have coxed every single person in the club at some point or another; it’s been great to experience the diversity of the club. Some races that have been particular highlights for me have been in the SRC Men’s eight and the historic wins we had in 2015. Breaking a 15 year drought – the crew won the Championship Men’s Eight at the NSW State Championships, similarly turning over an 8 year drought to win the Men’s Open Eight at the Riverview Gold Cup. These results have been built over a number of years by the squad, which I have been privileged to be part of.
I’ve been on a few international club tours to the Head of The Charles in Boston, USA that have all been memorable trips. As well as competing at the Holland Beker Regatta in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where a big highlight was racing against the Canadian National Men’s Eight and leading them to the 750m mark. New heights were reached in winning the Britannia Coxed Four at The Henley Royal Regatta in the UK, which was the climax to a successful season.


What do you hope this season brings in terms of rowing opportunities / goals?
If this season is as successful as the last I will be very happy! It would be awesome to back up consecutive wins the SRC Men’s Eight and coxed four and go on tour again to Henley and other overseas races.

Long term goals?
My long term goal is make national selection in the Australian Women’s Eight and keep winning races for SRC!

Best thing about coxing?
One of the best things about being a cox is the ‘coxswain toss’ after a big win. The higher the better!