Member Bios

Keith Jameson OAM

Keith Jameson OAM has been the President of Sydney Rowing Club since 1997. His involvement with rowing began at Sydney Boy’s High in the late 1950s before rowing at Sydney between 1962-1965, before retiring from competition to begin coaching 1966.

Keith Jameson OAM – Henley Royal Regatta Fundraiser

He first joined the board in 1968 as Vice Captain, and was Captain from 1974-1975. Keith was awarded Sydney Rowing Club’s Order of Merit in 1986, in recognition of his service to the Club over a long period of time. Then in 2001, he was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Club.

Keith has served Sydney as Coach, Captain, Vice President, President and Board member continuously since retiring from competition in 1965. During much of this time, Sydney Rowing Club has been the leading competitive club in both New South Wales and Australia winning hundreds of state and national championships and providing dozens of state and national representatives.

In addition to his roles at SRC Keith has completed extensive service for Rowing NSW including roles as the Association Honorary Secretary, Association Treasurer and Vice President. Rowing NSW has recognised Keith with the award of Honorary Life Membership. Keith has also served as Treasurer of the national rowing body, Rowing Australia.


Keith Jameson OAM. SRC Annual Dinner 2015

Keith’s continual service for Sydney Rowing Club has been through greatly changing times for the licensed club industry. During a period when many clubs have struggled, closed or amalgamated, Keith has been a tireless driver behind keeping Sydney Rowing Club strong and an important contributor to New South Wales Rowing both financially and competitively.

It is Keith’s long service to the Club that keeps the tradition and community of Sydney Rowing Club alive and his dedication to the sport in NSW and nationally makes him an asset to the wider rowing community.

Keith Jameson OAM with the Britannia Challenge Cup 2015

In 2018, Sydney Rowing Club’s first ever dedicated women’s Empacher 8+ was named after Keith.

Keith Jameson christening the new Q.L. Deloitte and Keith Jameson Eights